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Summer LEAP Program Ages 15+


If it's important do it everyday, if it's not don't do it at all.   --Dan Gable

How does it work?

1. Physical training 
2. Technical training (with ball)
3. Lots and lots of high tempo play using different balls and different surfaces.


Summer LEAP program is JOTP's U15 and up, everyday of the summer soccer program that leverages the excellent tools of JOTP to help young adults achieve their potential.

Want to be the best player you can be?  It's not about the team you are on. It's not about the uniform.  It's not about the equipment. It is about getting to work everyday.

JOTP understands.  Our methodology includes building a foundation of play that transitions to deliberate practice.  JOTP LEAP program is our deliberate practice program where High School and college kids can prepare for their season, hone their skills, improve, and achieve their potential.


"If it's important do it everyday, if it's not don't do it at all."  --Dan Gable

Love.   No secret. Building the love of the game is something you work at everyday. 

Expansion: Technical, Physical, and Cognitive Skills will be explored to greater depths with cutting edge training.  All training builds toward the greater purpose.

Alignment:  It's about the focused delivery of the common principles of excellence. JOTP methods, strategies and practices are aligned, celebrated, and repeated. This creates an environment of learning and innovating.

Potential:  Everyone has their own unlimited potential. Kids will take ownership in the day to day work of the LEAP program to explore that potential.

Looking for Ages 5 - 14?

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JOTP Summer Camp Counselor

Want to have the greatest summer ever? Want to make a difference?  Become a JOTP summer camp counselor and enjoy the LEAP program with a reduced fee or free of charge. TO APPLY please fill out the online form

Summer Camp Intern: Camp is 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Monday through Friday

The Details

Ages:  High school and up 9th graders and up preparing for HS soccer and college soccer.
TIme: 7:30am-9am
Dates: June19 -Aug 1  40 sessions

  • Endless Summer $599  (includes Mystery Color: JOTP  Hooded Training Sweat Shirt)


  • 30 minutes physical (with ball)
  • 30 minutes Technical games
  • 30 minutes 4 v 4 (Different balls and different surfaces)


  • Monday: Strength/ Aerobic /Ball Comfort/ Futsal
  • Tuesday: Agility/  Passing & Receiving / 4 v 4 grass pitch
  • Wednesday: Power/  Anaerobic /  1 v 1 / Street soccer
  • Thursday: Speed/  Ball Striking /  sand soccer
  • Friday:  4 v 4 (kid's choice) / Flexability (yoga)