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Winter 2017/18


JOY OF THE PEOPLE is Minnesota's Premier soccer learning system.  We offer programs through all seasons.  We have 2 basic programs for winter 

1. JOTP Skills
This is the most popular Program.  Once a week step by step skill programs that are fun and productive.  Offered in 18 sessions (all winter) or divided by 3 sessions of 6 (Session 1, 2, or 3). To sign up find your age group below

This is a more advanced program that includes regular futsal games, weekly team futsal practices that work throgh age appropriate and occacsional scrimmages and tournaments.  Teams are formed by age group and gender on a first come basis. Info here

Last day of Session1 Sunday, December 17th.

To sign up start by choosing your age group here:

Born 2012, 2011

Born 2006, 2005

What is recommended?

Best results come from winter long (all 3 sessions)

*Winter 2 and winter 3 sessions depending on space--sessions may not be available if full--SPACE IS LIMITED

How do these programs compare to other Winter training programs?
We have been coaching winter training programs for over 20 years, teaching thousands of kids the highest technical profile of possession and attacking footskills.  Our program focuses on building a love of play love of learning and the true joy of skill expression.

What other opportunities are out there?
For kids: Free Play, Overspeed, Holiday Camp,  Special Events, and No School days special events.  For adults:  Skills;  Futsal league; and Adult free play.  Plus, there is free WIFI and a parent lounge with coffee and things for the youngest kids to do.

Age Groups

  •  U8 (Shooting Stars and Whippersnappers)-- This group includes U5, U6, U7 and U8. Kids at these ages occupy a large swath of developmental differences.  JOTP programs offer a gentle introduction to soccer and  equalization games that allow all to participate and grow.
  •  U10 Technicians-- It's all about exploring a relationship with the ball as kids become more aquainted with small group play.  Kids a this age group love to learn.  Here we encourage the highest skills profile - all while having fun!
  • U12 Technicians-- Introduction to skills that others have not even thought of. Players get excited about amazing movements and techniques.  
  • U13-U17 Technicians-- (Ages 13-16) Skills focused on small group techniques: receiving  passing; finishing; 1 v 1; and 1 v 2.

Born 2009, 2010

Born 1999-2004


JOTP is bringing our groundbreaking programs out west by popular demand. Beginning this year we are offering Programs at JCC in St. Louis Park.

JOTP West 
Winter Programs in the wester suburbs

Sabes JCC
4330 Cedar Lake Rd S, Minneapolis, MN 55416
Phone:(952) 381-3400

Calvin Christian School
4015 Inglewood
Edina MN

St. Louis Park Middle School

2025 Texas Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55426

(952) 928-6300


Born 2008, 2007

Girls 9-18


Each program is once per week.  Sign up for one program or more than one program. Then, choose your session or sign up for all three sessions!    Space is limited.  New this season - sign up for twice per week classes.

Is SKILLS & FUTSAL curriculum different or the same for each session?

The winter will progress through a series with the ball.

  •  Winter 1 --(week of Nov. 1 - Dec 20) Focus:  Player and the ball- 1 v 0 dribbling movement skills focused on the player and the ball (possession dribbling, shooting, ball control).
  •  Winter 2 --( Week of Jan 3 - Feb 13)  Focus:  Player vs Goalie;  1 v 1 finishing.  A JOTP specialty is focusing on the final problem of beating the goalie, technical finishes that teach the player, more than just the power shot, using cleverness and intelligence to place the ball in the net. 
  •  Winter 3 --(week of Feb 14 -March 20)  Focus:  Player vs Player and TO goal. Attacking and finishing skills . 1 v 1 dribbling exploring every way to beat your opponent;  attacking moves;  nutmegs;  pass the cow; rainbows; and always ending with a finish on goal.