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Chapter 1: the game is infinite.

In 1969 a school bus loaded with 17 kids, a student mgr, and two coaches crammed with hockey bags, left a Minnesota town on the Canadian border for a seven and a half hour drive to the big city. On that bus road the Warroad High school hockey team, a school with a class of 38 kids, just 2 seniors on the team. There were no tryouts. When hockey season began they they took every boy who showed up. They were headed to the high school hockey tournament, where few days later they would make it to the finals and would play one of the most epic games in MN high School history. Even more, they were about to play for the very soul of the sport. It was the 25th anniversary’s of The Minnesota High Sc

"The beauty of Ajax at its peak was like the beauty of thought."

Ajax, Cruyff and Vasovic By Velibor Vasović, the first 'Total Soccer" Sweeper. Your patience will be rewarded, one of the best articles on the beauty of the game I have read. We played every day. This was just after the war. When it rained we played in the cowshed. The cow stood in the rain and watched. Six or so kids in four square meters: you learned precise passing. We played with anything that was round. Mostly tennis balls; one boy's family had an old box of tennis balls. You developed great technique trying to dribble tennis balls. The acoustics of empty stadiums were very beautiful. When a single bird called out, you heard it from wherever you were. In the early morning, or after matc

How Darwin's forgotten theory can set youth soccer right.

"Beauty comes first, victory is secondary. What matters is joy." --Sócrates Brasileiro de Oliveira We understand winning, We know how to keep score. But we also know something is missing We don't understand how "winning" fits in development. A game recap go-to shared by coaches goes something like this. If you win 5-0: "Good thing we were working on development" if you lose 0-5: "That other team is not working on development like we are." We worry about winning. I see good, developmentally focused coaches handwringing and struggling with competition, "winning is good, right?" Let's talk about winning. Winning is good. Darwin said so. His theory of natural selection, survival of the fittest,

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