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5 steps to get your child to quit Fortnite

Attack the discovery, attack the fun. “Each time one prematurely teaches a child something he could have discovered himself, that child is kept from inventing it and consequently from understanding it completely.” ― Jean Piaget Video game companies used to provide the manuals with their games in hopes kids would delve into it's arcania, become experts and dive even further into the game. Companies built levels and levels, their theory was simple: The deeper you got into the game--the more you would loved it. The manual said: By pushing the B button and the thumb toggle at the same time your avatar could kick off the head of the ninja. But Kids weren't reading the the manuals, what they

The world's finest youth academy is not the best developmental system

(adapted from my post in 2014) The world's finest youth academy is not the best developmental system. In the summer of 2014 we brought in the youth academy coaches from GNK Dinamo Zagreb Academy of Croatia, in 2013 they were named a top 6 academy in the 2013 ECA report. You can read that report here. I met their Director, Romeo Jozak at the Indianapolis convention, and he proposed bringing in some academy coaches for a week in the summer working with kids during the day and coach education in the evening. It was a a enlightening week. During the day the Croations introduced their methodology, they ran formal, precise, functional sessions focusing on simple play with both feet. "We will do

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