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The Science Behind Free Play

Start with the WHY

Drop out of high level leagues to improve?

How is it that JOTP innovates with Inflatable courts, Use of Special balls, Splash courts, Differential Learning?

What is the secret to JOTP's Optimal Learning Environment?

Because Joy of the People understands the Why.  We know why we do what we do. And, it did not just apear out of thin air...we worked at it, we played at it,  we studied, watched and learned. And we continue to do it everyday.


JOTP is Leading the Way

JOTP has created a new Youth Sport Model called POWERED BY JOY®. The Model is based and grounded in Science of development and the Best Practice delivery of it's elements including Culture, Spaces, Free Play, Aquisition, Learning, and Deliberate Practice--creating the Optimal Learning Environment. Four years in the making, the Powered By Joy Model is building interest from around the world as a new and refreshing delivery of sport, and perhaps the future of Youth Soccer Development. 

POWERED BY JOY® Presentations

  • US Soccer Foundation Soccer Symposium Washinton DC, 2014
  • Acara Review, University of Minnesota, 2013
  • Soccer Ex, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2012
  • Minnesota High School Coaches Association, 2012
  • Everyday at Joy of the People, 890 Cromwell, St. Paul, MN

If you ever want to learn more or want to see it in action, come visit JOTP. See the Play and talk to the coaches. We are happy to talk about the Model, the philosophy and even happier to listen. 

The Secret of JOTP...