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Field of Joy

The field of Joy

It's you , me and our buddies.  Time to take on the world.  The only way to build world class kids is to culture world Class environments.  JOTP is most certainly one of a kind. With the building of our field of Joy, we become a concrete example of what the best of sport can accomplish: Kids, communities, and champions. 

Please consider a donation to the field of Joy Project.

Thanks for your support, efforts, and faith in Joy of the People.

Ted Kroeten
Artistic Director
Joy of the People

Help Build the Field of JOY!

Over the last 6 years, JOTP  has shaped youth sports for the future.  JOTP's "Back to the Future" approach to youth soccer is not going unnoticed. Join us to help grow the best practice of playing together, which supports kids and communities. 

The Field of Joy Project is more than just a turf field.  It extends the fun and inviting environment at JOTP to include even more different sufaces and spaces.  Long term plans include:  outdoor futsal courts, a sand court, grass fields, clay field, running/walking path with exercise stations, and a plaza area.  

The building of an all-in-one play and training center is a huge step forward in developing more time for kids of all ages to just PLAY!   JOTP is a model center for soccer and free play in the Twin Cities. As this amazing community continues to grow, we thank you for your continuing support. 

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Group Looks to Bring Game of 'Puckelball' to St. Paul


St. Paul, MN – The U.S. Soccer Foundation has awarded a grant in the amount of $80,000 to Joy of the People, a St. Paul Non Profit, to support the “Field of Joy Project,” an all-condition synthetic turf field in St. Paul to provide more hours for free play soccer for kids.

“This is a great day for all the kids who have inspired us. This synthetic turf field will help build our Free Play environment creating even more opportunities for kids to play soccer together,” said Ted Kroeten, Founder and Artistic Director of Joy of the People. “With JOTP located on the central corridor light rail, our Free Play environment and this new field will connect thousands of kids to a safe place to play,” said Kroeten. “As they say, if you build it, they will come. We want to thank the City of St. Paul, the Mayor’s office, St. Paul Parks and Rec., and the US Soccer Foundation for their belief in our vision.  Most of all, we want to thank the kids for their energy and joy.”

***2/6 Pioneer Press Article by Fred Melo