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Futsal 18 - April 14 & 15 2018

Tournament Cancelled by the SLP School District

Due to weather concerns St. Louis Park School District has closed all Schools for Saturday and Sunday.  

Online Registration closed. Some spaces still open, please contact Ted@joyofthepeople.org

JOTP INDV. Sign up

  • Boys and Girls divisions Ages U9 to High School
  • U8 Coeds! 
  • 3-4 hour window
  • Food
  • Skills
  • Inflatables 
  • Joy!



Last year's Tourney

Futsal 17

U10 girls JOTP Monet

U9 Boys Carioca

U12 Boys JOTP hopper

High School Girls Edina

High School Boys JOTP Murakami


U12 Girls Edina

U13 Boys Mattisse

High School Girls Edina

U14 Girls JOTP Cezzane

U10 boys Carioca

Team Roster/ Player waivers

Each team

1. Team roster Click Here

2. Each of the Player participants  waiver forms Here

FUTSAL 16 -- APRIL 9, 10, 2016

U12 Boys Star Wars Division Champs JOTP!

U14 Boys Champs JOTP La Coruna

U14 Girls Champs Edina Sting

U14 Girls Champs JOTP Bangu

U11 Girls Champs Dakota Rev

U8 Co champs JOTP Vitoria

U8 co champs JOTP America

U10 Girls Champs Tonka

The most fun soccer weekend of the year

JOTP "Sweet 16" Futsal Tournament


Online Waiver

Please have all your players fill out the tournament waiver/medical release:

Online Waiver

ONLINE Roster Form

Volunteer Sign up

Click here to see the 2013 Futsal Video

Tighten up and get ready for the most fun soccer weekend of the year! Check out the Tournament video.

Special thanks to the refs, and Tournament Director, Colleen!


Volunteer of the year, Thomas!

On behalf of Joy of the People, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the teams, players, coaches and families for your participation in Futsal ’16.  We had 79  teams participate with 140 games over the exciting two days. 

Thank you to all our volunteers, without whose help this tournament would not be possible. I am proud to announce our volunteer of the year, Thomas Wehrman who built and repaired the unique and precious lego Trophies. Way to go Thomas! 

Special Thanks to all "Volunteer of the year" runner ups Matt and Lisa Franklin for the amazing posters and t shirts, Chris Frazier and Johanne  Wehrman for displaying their high math scorer skills, Lioul Minas, and the U13 girls for volunteering all day on Sunday, Stanley and his referee crew, Heather Justin for mastering the Square credit card device, Gina Doerner and Matt Probst for willingness to do just about anything that was needed, Cindy Koume and Victor K for manning the time clocks for most of the day, and Tibebu Shitaye for a showing how an arcane understanding of relational database theory can be put to practical use. 

I would also like to thank my Staff , Andrei, Saul, Nuuria, Gabe and Ace for the never ending work of shaping the environment for the kids so they can just play and have fun.

Finally, our tournament director,  Colleen, who has organized and run this the tournament for each of the seven years,  and really deserves the credit for shaping the culture of this amazing event which has come to exemplify the true spirit of JOTP: fair play, skills, friends and joy.

Thanks again everyone and see you next year!

Ted Kroeten
Artistic Director
Joy of the People


U8 Co Champs

  • MTA East 43
  • JOTP Fortaleza 
  • JOTP America 
  • JOTP Atletico 

U10 Boys

  • Jotp Fluminense

U12 Boys Star Wars Division

  • Jotp Cruzeiro

U12 Boys Star Trek Division

  • Blackhawks

U14 Boys

  • JOTP la Coruna

U16 Boys

  • JOTP Botafogo

U10 Girls

  • Tonka Academy

U12 Girls

  • Edina 

U14 Girls

  • JOTP Bangu

U16 Girls

  • Edina Sting


U10 Boys Champs JOTP Fluminense

U12 Boys Star Trek Divsion Champs Blackhawks

U12 Girls Champs Edina

U8 co champs MTA

U16 Boys Champion JOTP Botafogo

Welcome to the "SWEET '16" FUTSAL  Tournament Registration

April 9. 10, 2016, St. Louis Park High School


About SWEET '16 
This is the 7th year of the JOTP  Futsal Tournament.  It is the Largest and best attended Futsal  Tournament in the State with last year 80 teams participating in all age groups.  This is a fast, fun and vibrant event with music, concessions, inflatable goalie wars and soccer activities (provided by Joy of the People) and excellent up close seating to view the action.  We call it the most fun soccer weekend of the year! 

Each team will be guaranteed 3 games. The top 2 teams in each age / gender group will advance to a single game championship. (except the U8 coed teams: 3 games and no playoffs). Each court at the St. Louis Park High School provides excellent seating and viewing. Concessions will be available for sale throughout the tournament, as well as, commemorative T-Shirts.  Dynamic, fast paced games have each age group tournament completed in 1/2 a day!

Age Groups
Individual age group divisions may be formed by determination of the Tournament Director.


U8 co champs JOTP Fortaleza


St. Louis Park High School
6425 W 33rd St, St Louis Park, MN 55426

Questions?  Call Colleen Kroeten 612.414.1610


The Registration "Futsal 18 - April 14 & 15 2018" is not currently available.


Sat. April 9 Sun. April 10
U8 Coed U9-U10 Girls
U13-U14 Girls U9-U10 Boys
U13-U14 Boys U11-U12 Girls
U15-U16 Girls U11-U12 Boys
U15-U16 Boys

Cost U10 - U16:

  • $195 per team if registered online by February 11, 2016;
  • $220 if registered online  after February 12, 2016;

Cost U8s:

  • $185 per team.

The Registration "Futsal 18 - April 14 & 15 2018" is not currently available.

Archived results

Only the finest Trophy makers

Our Trophies rock

See Amazing skills

2015 results

U9 boys
JOTP Corinthians – 4
MU Brown – 3

U10 girls
Tonka Utd – 3
MTA East - 1

U10 boys
JOTP Atletico – 5
JOTP Paulista – 4

U11 girls
MTA Nike 04 – 10
Tonka Utd – 1

U11 boys
JOTP Cruziero – 7
Richfield – 3

U12 girls
JOTP Pao de Acucar – 4
Tonka Utd – 3

U12 boys
BHK Promises – 3
JOTP International - 2

U13 girls
Lakeville U13 Lightning – 4
JOTP Santa Cruz – 1

U13 boys
Mpls Utd Blue - 4
Dakota Rev Arsenal - 3

U14 girls
Edina Force - 4
Lakeville Legacy  - 2

U14 boys
JOTP Sao Paulo - 5 – won on PK’s
JOTP Santos - 5

U16 girls
PVU Peppers - 7
PVU Red Hots - 3

U16 boys
JOTP Botafogo - 16
MU Blue Devlis - 1

SOLD OUT! order your Futsal'15 shirt here

Our 2015 Champions! Congratulations to all participants!

U9 Boys JOTP

U10 Girls Tonka Utd

U10 Boys JOTP

U11 Boys JOTP Cruziero

U12 Girls JOTP

U12 Boys BHK

U13 Girls Lakeville

U13 Boys MU Blue

U14 Boys JOTP

U16 Girls PVU

U16 Boys JOTP Botafogo

JOTP Futsal '15 March 7, 8 2015

Each year JOTP hosts the largest futsal Tournament in Minnesota.

Fast, fun and thrilling the tournament hosts over 80 teams with all the JOTP essentials: concessions, music, skills and fun! Each age groups dynamic tournament takes place over the course of 1/2 a day!



St. Louis Park High School
6425 W 33rd Street,
St Louis Park, MN 55426

FUTSAL '13 Champs U13 Boys: JOTP Phantoms

FUTSAL '13 Champs U14 Girls MU Inferno

FUTSAL '13 Champs U10 Boys: Club Deportiva Lobos

FUTSAL '13 Champs U10 Boys: SLP U17

FUTSAL '13 Champs U10 Girls: MTA Thunder Girls

FUTSAL '13 Champs U12 Boys: JOTP

FUTSAL '13 Champs U16 Boys: Joga Bonita

FUTSAL '13 Champs U12 Girls: PSA Inferno

FUTSAL '13 Champs U14 Boys: BHK U14