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Inflatable Field Workshops

Want to bring a little Joy to your party or event?

Joy of the People has 10 inflatables of different sizes that provide an amazing environment for hours of play.  Safe, fun, exciting, the JOTP inflatables will give you event or party an experience to remember.

Renting with one attendant per field

  • 22 m X 16 m: Large (4v4) 2 Hours - $250, 4 Hours - $350, All Day (8 Hours) - $500
  • 16 m X 9 m: Medium (3v3) 2 Hours - $200, 4 Hours - $300 5,  All Day (8 Hours) - $400
  • 12 m X 8 m: Small (2v2) 2 Hours - $150, 4 Hours - $200, All Day (8 Hours) - $300

Renting (without attendant)
Must sign release including following rules of the inflatable

  • 22 m x 16 m: Large (4v4) 2 Hours - $200, 4 Hours - $250, All Day (8 Hours) - $300
  • 16 m x 9 m: Medium (3v3) 2 Hours - $100, 4 Hours - $175,  All Day (8 Hours) - $200
  • 12 m x 8 m: Small (2v2) 2 Hours - $100, 4 Hours - $150, All Day (8 Hours) - $200

Parties are responisble to pick up and return of inflatable at an agreed upon time.

JOTP Workshops


The mission of JOTP is to spread the idea of Free Play as important to the child's emotional, physical and social development. JOTP offers workshops and inflatables that your club uses to build communities of play.

1) Build the foundational development in your club.  Kids need lots of play within unstructured environment...this is it! 

2) Build club loyalty.  Kids that play together (not compete, or train) STAY together.  This play is very basic, intuitive, important and binding.  Use the strengths of your community to build a community of kids who love to play.

3) Build the technical and tactical levels of your club.  THere is no history of great players who did not submerge themselves in unstructured play with friends...so why not make it part of your club's structure?  JOTP mission is to grow free play in all environments.

4) Build motivation for soccer and life. Some say that no one knows who the great players will be.  That's not true--the kids who play the most will be the best.  This play methodolgy is extremely exciting and motivating to kids.  Reseasrch backs it up: Studies of high level hockey players show that the greater the amount of Play as kids, the greater the capacity to do the hard work of deliberate practice as adults.  In both soccer and life: Play as kids empowers us to do the hard work as adults!


Premium Club Workshop $4999

  • Inflatable court to keep--22M x 16M inflatable court for your club to keep.  This is a kid magnet!  set up on a summer evening and kids will spend hours playing.  JOTP coaches will show you differential learning, best practice techniques and why free play is so important.


  • One day workshop--Learn why and how to best use unstructured play.  JOTP has learned many best practice techniques that will directly help your kids, program and send them on their way to enjoying soccer for life!


Day Workshop-- $599

One day workshop for your club to bring to a festival or event.  JOTP brings a court to you.


Cantact Ted@joyofthepeople.org for more information.