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Since 2009

 A FreePlay Youth Sport Model

Joy of the People

Joy of the People (JOTP)  is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) that promotes the idea of soccer free play as a way to build healthy kids and communities.   

What does JOTP offer?

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Rice & Beans =

our club soccer

Year-round play. Soccer, Futsal, Leagues, FreePlay, Skills, and more. No Tryouts. Ever!


Best Summer Camps Ever!

There is nothing like spending the summer playing at JOY. 12 - Weeks. Ages 5 - 18

Summer Camps

Programs for All Kids!

(Even players from other clubs)


Our skills programs are the perfect introduction into JOY, as well as a great way to challenge your growing skills. At Joy all levels are welcome. Our Motto: Beauty comes first.


Joy of the People seasonal leagues meet once a week and the games last an hour. Open to ALL PLAYERS! Grab your friends from school or teammates from other clubs.


We offer Summer Camps for all ages, every week of the summer! Choose Endless Summer Fun, Weekly Camps, or Punch card options!


A Bit of Background

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Joy of the People 

Join Joy of the People this spring/summer

The vanguard of play

A new Model

Children  today are over-scheduled, over-coached & under-skilled for what lays ahead. Kids are spending less time doing the very things that will make their lives happier, more fulfilling and more rewarding. We found that Play is More than “Just” Fun." It’s how we practice the key skills we need to be successful people: Critical thinking, communication, creativity, coordination and more.


IIf we want strong future adults and future communities, we must devote resources to bring back the lost language of play.

 We created the  Powered By Joy Development Model--creating an elegant and intuitive pathway for kids, not just in soccer, but all sport and perhaps all disciplines.  


890 Cromwell Ave, St Paul, MN 55114, USA

(651) 252-1775

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