Rice and Beans

No Tryouts, No Elite Travel

Rice and Beans, is the heart of JOTP. It is a unique program that combines all of our innovative Powered By Joy (PBJ) methods in a fun, and safe environment where kids learn from their own exploration, and from their peers. By registering in Rice and Beans, your kid will be part of all of our year-round soccer programs.

  • 3 Locations St. Louis Park, Saint Paul, Woodbury

  • Year round play Futsal, soccer, pick up, free play, skills, leagues, and more. Play every day.

  • Amazing skills -Kids at JOTP are never cut, kids when given the chance develop amazing individual and group skills.

  • Find out more--Contact us, set up an interview, or attend an informational meeting

Have questions about joining Rice and Beans?

Call us at (651) 252-1775

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Rice and Beans Info

What does Rice and Beans Include?


  • Rice and Beans training sessions

  • FreePlay sessions

  • FPG yearly membership

  • Seasonal skills programs

Seasonal team training and league play**

  • Fall outdoor league

  • Winter Futsal team training

  • Winter Futsal League

  • Spring/summer team training

  • Spring/Summer Outdoor League***

  • Summer day camp



**League registration and uniform fees may be extra

***Location is based on age. Please check the administration


JOTP Rice and Beans Informational meeting


Friday, July 23

7 PM JOTP, 890 Cromwell (masks required for adults not vaccinated)

Join us for an informational meeting on our popular Rice and Beans program. Find out why play is so important, see how it works, and see how JOTP Rice and Beans leverages that play to grow kids.