Rice and Beans

No Tryouts, No Elite Travel

this year just $36.50 for the entire year

Rice and Beans, is the heart of JOTP. It is a unique program that combines all of our innovative Powered By Joy (PBJ) methods in a fun, and safe environment where kids learn from their own exploration, and from their peers. By registering in Rice and Beans, your kid will be part of all of our year-round soccer programs.

  • 3 Locations St. Louis Park, Saint Paul, Woodbury

  • Year round play Futsal, soccer, pick up, free play, skills, leagues, and more. Play every day.

  • Amazing skills -Kids at JOTP are never cut, kids when given the chance develop amazing individual and group skills.

  • Find out more--Contact us, set up an interview, or attend an informational meeting


What does Rice and Beans Include?



  • FALL (High School ages begin Nov 1 due to High School)

  • Begins SEP. 6

    • FreePlay

    • St. Paul Fall City League (U9-U14) 

    • JOTP fall  7's league 

    • 3x/week R&B training

    • Expanded R&B FreePlay


  • Begins NOV. 1

    • FreePlay

    • JOTP Futsal League

    • ALL Jotp Futsal Tournaments (3)

    • 3x/week Rice and Beans training

    • 1 x/week Futsal Training

    • 1x/week Turf FreePlay

    • Season tickets to NFPL Goat Futsal


  • Begins APR. 10

    • FreePlay

    • JOTP spring 7's league 

    • JOTP Spring Tournament

    • 3x/week R&B training

    • Expanded R&B FreePlay/turf freeplay

    Begins JUN. 12

    • FreePlay

    • JOTP Endless Summer

    • JOTP High School Camps

NOT Included (optional)

  • Endless Summer Hoodie

  • Spring/Summer MYSA / TCSL league team/Tournament Registration/fees/costs

  • External Futsal  Leagues/Tournaments Registration/fees/costs

  • Uniform

Have questions about joining Rice and Beans?

Call us at (651) 252-1775

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Rice and Beans Info

What does Rice and Beans Include?


  • Rice and Beans training sessions

  • FreePlay sessions

  • FPG yearly membership

  • Seasonal skills programs

Seasonal team training and league play**

  • Fall outdoor league

  • Winter Futsal team training

  • Winter Futsal League

  • Spring/summer team training

  • Spring/Summer Outdoor League***

  • Summer day camp



**League registration and uniform fees may be extra

***Location is based on age. Please check the administration