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Building communities through play

Communities are important to us

Here are some of the things we do

  • Campinhio Project, a privately funded enviromentally safe play space This will serve as concrete proof of the importance of investing in play for kids.
  • 16 Native Trees installed as part of the JOTP Soccer Field 

  • Raingarden/Pollinator Habitat.

  • New Bike Rack

  • Drainage fix on north side of the building to protect the gym floor

  • Innovations galor, the Campinho project is alraeady being looked at by field builders as ground breaking design and 
  • Act Global turf, Environmentally friendly and safe Cork/coconut infill (Not rubber) the first of it's kind in MN
  • Recycled underlayed pad to create a safer, softer playing surface
  • Storm water treatment system 
  • Locally sourced materials--less truck loads--less carbon added in building 
  • Capital Watershed Water treatment
  • Young trees planted
  • Interior improvements
  • 17,000 free healthy meals/yr
  • 1500 hours of free, Play / sport yr
  • Yoga in the park
  • Fun Run
  • Adult free Play
  • Community Play and events
park improvements.png

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The nonprofit, 501(c)(3), Joy of the People, 2009, is an organization whose mission is the building communities and health through play


Joy of the People believes in and is committed to the idea that Free Play is integral to the child’s social, physical and emotional health. Partnered with the City of St. Paul Parks and Rec to deliver Programming at the South St. Anthony Rec Center (November 2009).


  • A new education system 

  • Healthy kids

  • countering a runaway system

  • leading the way

  • making it fun

  • Empowering youth

  • Building Mentorships with older High School and college boys and girls




Joy of the People would like to thank our partners without whose help this project would not be possible

  • Act Global Turf

  • University of MN Good Neighbor Fund

  • Lockridge, Grindahl, Nauen 

  • Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation

  • Saint Anthony Park Community Council

  • City of St. Paul

  • St. Paul Parks and Rec

  • Landlogic inc

  • Propel for Nonprofits

  • Landscape Architects Inc

  • Capital Region Watershed District

  • Johan Ferner Strom

  • One World Play Project

  • US Bank

  • MN Vikings

  • CHA Architects, Kansas City

  • US Soccer Foundation

  • All kids and families that have inspired us with the joy of play!



Exciting mini court proposed by US Soccer Foundation right here at JOTP

Next meeting 

Monday, Aug 12 




Betty McCollum, MN Congresswoman

"Ted and his team at Joy of the People have become a valued community asset."

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