JOTP Covid Waiver 

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Covid Plan

JOTP Safety Procedures

keeping safe this fall

Welcome the JOTP Fall info page

come here to find Covid Plan, Waivers, Check in, calendar, updates, weather cancellations, and more 


1) Waiver

2) Daily check in 

3) Masks to and from

4) Bags separated by cohort and distanced

5) Masks optional scrimmaging

6) All Parents and coaches masked

7) Parents of U9 and up please limit visits 

8) Tennis shoes only

League Schedule 10/4

Untitled 15vvvv.png
Untitled 15.png


  • New Campinho (super safe, coconut infil mini court)

  • Different courts, balls, music

  • Boys and Girls Teams (U9 up)

  • Super fun league and game play

  • Includes MEA Camp!

  • Best practice of play

  • Enjoyment as the first skill

  • Leader in child development