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The secret sauce, the best practices, all of it.  Change the way you develop kids.

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Get Powered by Joy

Are you are parent, coach, or leader of an organization looking for help to build a more sensible, safe and effective youth sport experience?


Powered By Joy is a unique, healthy youth sport model that harnesses the power of play

We are excited to be able to offer our coach/club education program. For 10 years now we have been learning and observing Free Play and how it delivers a better practice for kids and communities.  


We offer a Club Certification program that gives the club leadership, directors and coaches, the tools to build a foundation of play within their club. We  will hold educational events as well as certification programs for clubs. Contact us for more details.


  • More and better informed Coaches/Parents

  • Actionable club and player FreePlay (kids playing more)

  • Parents informed by their kids (kids lead)


  • Science based motor skill acquisition

  • Intrinsically motivated kids

  • Improved Player retention

  • Stronger, healthier club

Interested in PBJ Certification

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What PBJ will mean to your club

Better Players

science backed learning, kids learn best through play,  find out how.

Enjoy the club Experience 

Intrinsic play/learning sets off intrinsic motivation

Increase retention

Players who play together, stay together

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