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"Play is the highest form of research"

Albert Einstein

We Believe in...

Teen Volunteers

Winning is a consequence of best effort, fair play, skill mastery and love of the game

Learning to play, playing to learn. Learning to play with others, learn from others and lead are skills that can be cultivated over time. 

Community Service
Three generations of women

Balanced,  and evenhanded approach to competition/training/play.

Person, Player, Team.  JOTP believes the person comes first, as the game is built from the inside out.


We Promote...


Sportsmanship as the first aspect of sports

Healthy habits as a way of life, from the food to activities


Respect as a duty of convivence

Humility as a way to progress


Teamwork innovation as a development way

Joy of the People as a way of education


Our Tool

This is Joy of the People

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