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If You build it...

They will Play!!!

What is FPG?

A collection, a gang, a wretched refuge, an association, a united organization set to put priorities in order and give the game back to the kids

I want to start one

Anyone can start a micro club and get started playing.  We can help. Just contact use below.  If you are under 18 please ask you mom or dad to contact us.

I already play in a club

Perfect! a USFP micro club does not replace your club, it enhances it.  Tell you club leaders about us, build your game.  Bring in new kids. Play more and have more fun.

What's a micro club?

Welcome to your new club. Kid run, kid administered,, 

nothing but kids.


Mini clubs that set kids free to create a sustainable play environment. 


PBJ puts play back where it belongs by empowering, the kids to build and play within a self supporting culture.

Why a Micro Cub?

Unstructured play must be supported and practiced by the community.  A micro club gives control, planning, strucutre, and learning back to the children

Children deserve best practice

Kids play, gather, interact and solve problems in a way that can not be peplicated elsewhere.  The leadership and social skills built alone will transform not just those small group of kids in their Micro Club, bit set the standard of healthy play in the world.

Why Free Play?

Free play has been chosen by evolution as the best method to prepare kids for their future.  A future that is unpredictable and varied.

We see play as a language that we all participate in together


Play builds communication, decision making and empathy towards others.


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