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JOTP Woodbury

Adult Leagues

Image by Pascal Swier
Image by Pascal Swier

Play It Forward Adult Futsal Leagues

Profits from our Play-It-Forward Adult Futsal Leagues go DIRECTLY towards providing more FreePlay!


JOTP Adult Leagues are the best for fun, social, and fitness! Whether you’ve played soccer or futsal before or you are looking to try something new, we have a league for you.

Register as a team or Free Agents (make sure to make note of additional free agents you wish to play with).

Come Play with Us!

Session Details:

  • Game Length - (two 24 minute halves)

  • 5 vs 5 (4 field players + GK)

  • Futsal rules in effect (See below)

  • Game Start Times: 8:00, 9:00 PM 

  • Roster Size: 8 player minimum

  • Fees (most leagues are 8 weeks)

    • $680 per team for the 9-week league

    • $605 per team for the 8-week league

    • $530 per team for the 7-week league

    • $90 Free Agent

    • $365 is #Play365 Adult membership that gets to into all 5 leagues throughout the year!

House Rules​

  • 24-minute halves, running clock

  • No GK punting or drop-kicking.

  • GK can throw the ball anywhere on the court on a fly with the exception of the opponent’s penalty area

  • Halftimes are two minutes

  • NO time outs

  • To be eligible to play, each player must be on the roster. Roster cards are issued only after full payment of fees, signed Medical / Media Release forms have been received and all players have been registered online. 

Questions? Feel free to contact Brian Kallman via email at  or call 651-283-1804.



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