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FreePlayGO Club Program

We are giving away inflatables to build play

We are partnering provide free inflatbables to grow free play around the US (and the world)


  • Clubs 

    • Set it up next to training and watch kids come early and stay late

    • Events to grow your club

    • Community outreach

  • Parents

    • For your backyard and neighborhood play​

    • Easy set up/storage

    • safe, safe, safe, safe

    • best play is close to home

  • Community organizations

    • Parks, child care centers​

  • Schools

    • After school

    • Recess

    • gym 


What do we get?

  • Inflatable (different sizes)

  • Blower

  • Balls (futsals, Brazilian Futsals, shooting balls, safe heading balls, etc)

  • Vests 

How do we do it?

  • adhere to JOTP freeplay Best Practices

  • Complete online training (may be a fee involved)

  • Waivers (through JOTP)

Who Plays?

  • Always no cost (donation accepted)

  • Everyone invited 

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