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JOTP Woodbury

Play Every Day

Programs begin Nov. 11

2122 Wooddale Dr, Woodbury

Joy of the People, is bringing their award winning and innovative sports programming to Woodbury! Indoor Futsal, outdoor turf and sand, more than 50,000 sq feet of Friends, Food, Futsal, Soccer, Inflatables, Disco lights, DJ booth,  Skill programs, Leagues and rentals, Free Play, Fun and Joy! 

Why not?

a new vision

Take over a roller rink? Why not?  Roller rinks are fun, they've got disco lights, a DJ booth, Music, many places to play, eat, play outside, and always growing and building amazing skills.

How does JOTP work?

Play is nature's way of teaching us skills, kids at JOTP play ALL THE TIME, learning and adapting physical, technical and decision making competencies, the results, as you will see, are 1) Happiness 2) Amazing skills 3) Love of play


We Put
the U in FUN


Futsal, skills and more

Futsal and amazing skills programs

Joy of the People is about fun, serious fun. In having fun kids can be kids, they play, they communicate, they cooperate, lead, and build amazing skills, all without pressure and anxiety.  Kids play more, build more skills naturally and enjoy themselves more through our play programs.

Play Skill programs for all ages. 


3 five a side turf fields for youth and adults.





Sand Court

Skills, finishing and keeper training

All ages

Come during the day to play with your kids.  Parents and children together. Or sit back and have coffee while your kids play.