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Bringing the Play to You

Play is more than just fun and games; it's how we practice the skills we need for life, like critical thinking, communication, and creativity. JOTP Mobile brings you our unique play experience to allow kids to play together anywhere. But more importantly to spread the word about FreePlay and grow the idea of a more healthy learning model.

About JOTP Mobile

If you are having an event let the "JOTP Mobile" bring in the joy. We will come to you, with our unique inflatable fields and all the supplies you need for a play event: balls, TV, music and more!

For more information about pricing and options please contact us.


Innovative Fun

Bring the Joy

Get On the Schedule

JOTP is partnering with local communities all around Minnesota to speak the language of play with kids and families. Partners secure a park or facility to host the event. All safe surfaces work, indoor or out, parks, community centers, city centers.  Then just let the kids and families know when to show up!

Get the Word Out

An Event Like No Other

Make your next event one to remember.  JOTP will bring inflatable fields, music, balls, and TV's to  show your favorite pro games so everyone can watch and cheer on the best players in the world.  Of course the  main thing we bring is hours of fun, healthy play and Joy.

Play For Life

Become A Sponsor

Help JOTP lead our next generation. Help sponsor a great event and bring the joy to everyone.

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